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As the world moves towards mordern warfare we are indifferent to the aftereffects it brings along. The need to create awarness and empathy worldwide for this cause has led to an effective solution - a pop up exhibition that can travel the world as a low cost method without the constraints of an institutional space. 

Sketch Plan

Phase 3

Phase 1


As we lie in the age of modern warfare, we constantly are on the brink of war. The cost we pay for advancing technology is loss of humanity. With the rise in nuclear power and ongoing world conflicts, war is inevitable.  It is high time we start talking about the war crimes that modern warfare brings with it. We need to create awareness of what war brings with it, sensitize people of what it feels like to stand in the shoes of the victims of these ongoing conflicts. Create a space to take action bring about change in the mindsets of people. Educate and sensitize them of the atrocities being faced by victims.

Design Theme

The design theme is Intangible - When  I look at these victims I feel everything they once had is now unattainable we embrace intangibility as a disconnect from your life. We also incorporate Brutalism Architecture in the facade of the exhibition. We bring a new tangent - New brutalism is the approach to make the pop up stand out and be minimal yet functional at the same time.  Along with its monochromatic look we add a pop of unexpected red as we correlate it with war.

3D Renders

The purpose of the exhibit is to display what war leaves behind. However it does not show bloodshed or any gruesome visuals. We want to indirectly implicate the emptiness left behind by war. Navigating the sensitive and multifaceted nature of war-related topics. Balancing the need for factual accuracy with the responsibility to convey the human stories behind the conflicts required careful consideration and ethical judgment. 


The exhibits are uniquely curated - paintings by children instead of a famous painter. Political cartoons to create awarness and a the fun of decoding. Photographs portrayed as emotions. Impactful installations and activities to engage. The facade itself has been kept very interactive, unconventional and disruptive in nature.

Modelled on Sketch up & rendered on Enscape.


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