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Phase 1

Brand Identity

Silgold Luxury is a jewellery boutique specializing in custom handmade pieces. Their age-old traditions and craftsmanship distinguish them from competitors. The brand requires a visual tone of voice that effectively communicates its message to the target audience through store design, packaging, social media, and marketing.

To establish this tone, we have utilized earthy hues like beige, brown, and gold. We designed a simple combination mark for the logo, which signifies the timeless elegance of jewellery meant to last an eternity. The carefully chosen fonts complement the luxurious essence the brand aims to convey.

Phase 2

The store embraces a design theme centered around beige, brown, and golden hues, complemented by dark wood veneer finishes and soft, rounded edges. The showcase windows are crafted to captivate a younger audience with innovative interpretations of traditional jewelry displays, featuring a diverse selection of customized neck pieces. We employ 4000k warm white lighting throughout the store, carefully chosen for its ability to enhance the beauty of jewelry without being overly harsh. This creates a welcoming and appealing atmosphere for our customers.

Design Theme

Phase 3 - Sketches and Floor Plan



Phase 4 - Sketchup & Enscape