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Branding - Phase 1


This project requires to design a cohesive brand identity, including a distinctive logo and comprehensive brand guidelines. Also design mock app UI, signages and show the potential of the branding for AMC’s (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) new transportation service featuring a fleet of air-conditioned electric minibuses. 

Designed for last-mile connectivity, these minibuses will serve under-served routes and reach smaller, remote areas that are hard to access. The service aims to make commuting easier and more convenient, with routes and real-time bus locations visible on an app, providing live ETAs to minimize wait times for passengers.


Logo Exploration

Phase 3 - Analysing Brand


Phase 4 - Color Selection

Color Palette

Phase 5 - Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

The following guidelines are established for the brand and must be adhered to throughout all brand communications. Ample examples are provided to ensure a consistent visual style and design language is maintained.

Phase 6 - Signage and Promotional Design


UI Design & Model Outlook

Phase 7 - Design Samples


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